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Profile Putri Titian - Biography & Photo

Biodata Artis Indonesia


Real Name : Putri Titian Asih
Popular Name : Putri Titian or Tian
Birth Date : 7 April 1991
Birth Place : Palembang, Indonesia
Hometown : Jakarta
Occupation : Actress

Official website :

Putri Titian Profile
Putri Titian Asih, commonly called Tian or Putri Titian (born in Palembang, 7 April 1991) is an Indonesian soap opera

Profile SMASH - Indonesian Boy Band + Photo

Biodata Personel SMASH - New Indonesian Boy Band "SMASH"SMASH? Probably still a lot of gossip Artis Indonesia lovers who are not familiar with this Indonesian boy band. Boyband, which consisted of seven personnel is still classified as a newcomer in Indonesian music. Their presence attracted enough attention because of their style and appearance is slightly different and a little more unique.

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GENESIS: Beauford Delaney / December 30, 1901

Portrait of Beauford Delaney, 1943, Georgia O'Keefe
"His goal was bringing together rich and poor, city and country, old and young, male and female; he also  combined a form in which abstraction and realism coexisted, a contemporary idyll that brought together people of different races and sexual identities." ~ Ann E. Gibson

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Viking Horns, Frying Pans, Loads of Snow and Snow Sculpture

Each year, snow-worshipers dust off their Viking horns and line the streets of Breckenridge, Colorado, to pay homage to Ullr, the mythical Norse god of snow. Join the 48th annual celebrations from January 9 to 15, 2011 to give thanks for Breckenridge�s bountiful early-season snowfall, over 130 inches in the first four weeks of the season.

This annual week-long celebration of Ullr (pronounced Ooh-ler), brings to Breckenridge a legendary Main Street parade along with live entertainment, the Ullr Dating Game, Ullympics and a family ice skating party.

On the heels of the Ullr Fest comes the 21st International Snow Sculpture Championships from January 25 to 30. Sixteen teams from around the globe have been invited to compete from nine countries
New is an eco-friendly, LED lighting system that will add to the artistry with color washes during viewing week, January 30 through February 6, weather permitting.

At the event, attended annually by more than 30,000 people, four-person teams are assigned 12-foot-tall, 20-ton blocks of machine-made Colorado snow. Artists achieve finished pieces after a total of 65 intense hours of work without the use of power tools, internal support structures or colorants.

Sculpting begins with a shotgun start and finishes with teams working through the night to hand-carve anything from enormous pieces of whimsy to powerful social commentary. Judging commences with awards presented to first, second and third places, along with designations of People�s Choice, Kids� Choice and Artists� Choice.

For more information about top events in Colorado take a look at the Top Events USA selection of the annual main festivals and events in Colorado.

For more information on the 2011 Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships and lodging packages in Breckenridge visit

Rahma Azhari Topless - Naked Photos

Rahma Azhari Topless - Naked Photos
Rahma Azhari once again make a scene. After some time ago, an intimate photo of Rahma Azhari - Simon McMenemy, coach of the Philippine national football team, circulating on the internet, this time Rahma Azhari's exciting photo with a foreign man become a "hot topic" of discussion in the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) group network.

But this time Rahma Azhari hot

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Profile Ayushita - Biography & Photo

Indonesian Actress - Biodata Artis Indonesia


Popular Name : Ayusitha
Real Name : Ayu Sita Widyastuti Nugraha
Birth Place : Jakarta
Birth Date : Juni 9, 1989
Occupation : Singer, Actress, host
Zodiac : Gemini
Education : smp st.belarminus, sma 3 setiabudi

Ayusitha Profiles
Ayu Sita Widyastuti Nugraha or familiarly called Ayushita, was born in Jakarta, June 9, 1989. She is

POST: Kori Newkirk / Interview Magazine / December - January 2011

Kori Newkirk is among talent included in the December/January 2011 issue of Interview magazine's "L.A. ARTWORLD" feature. Curation and text by CHRISTOPHER BOLLEN; Photography by ROBBIE FIMMANO.

Most mornings Kori Newkirk takes the bus to his studio in downtown L.A., making him one of the few established artists not reliant on a car. �I haven�t had a car in a year,� he says. �With so much of the art world imploding lately and funding changing, I figured that when my car died I really didn�t need it.� There is something of this scrap-the-past-and-start-over mentality about the 40-year-old artist�s own career, which has already experienced several distinct progressions in the last decade: from this former New Yorker�s rising-star status as a �post-black� artist making decorative paintings to his more complicated media-driven installations in recent years. Now Newkirk seems to be undergoing another creative metamorphosis. �I�m trying to figure out again what it means to be an artist,� he says. �It�s a re-investigation. I�m playing around in my studio.� Most artists of Newkirk�s generation have been boxed into specific mediums or motifs, but Newkirk has always resisted easy classifications. At a recent solo show at the Schindler House, he added black circular magnets with jagged edges to windows, which had the sense of sunspots. �I�m really into science fiction these days,� he explains. �But I also realized that if I lived in a house like that one, it would be all shot up, and the windows would be riddled with bullets.� Another piece in that show was a circular pattern of T-shirts arranged on the floor, covered in sweat and dirt. One day at the studio he realized that his own shirt stains looked almost like tie-dye. Tie dye is traditionally a hippie symbol, but Newkirk says, �that sculpture had to do with labor. My parents might have wanted to enjoy the Summer of Love but they couldn�t. They were working. �I�d love to be outside with you but I have to be in here scrubbing floors.� � Let�s hope Newkirk never gets stuck in classifications.


Born in the Bronx, Kori Newkirk first moved to California for graduate art school in 1995 and eventually settled in Los Angeles, where he began making work out of such obscure but provocative materials as hair extensions, pony beads, and pomade. Since then, the artist (born 1970) has continued to investigate cultural ideas and images of beauty, expanding his practice to include everything from neon lights to fiberglass sharks. In 2007, the Studio Museum in Harlem honored him with a 10-year retrospective of his work. Newkirk is now trying to put the past behind him and forge into some rather astounding and unexpected new directions.
CHRISTOPHER BOLLEN: Where's your studio?

KORI NEWKIRK: Downtown L.A., for the moment. I've been in the same place for about 10 years, but I'm ready to leave. Downtown is becoming very gentrified-the entitlement isn't good for me.

CB: Because prices are going up? Or is it about being in an atmosphere that's bad for making work?

KN: The atmosphere. Gentrification is a complicated thing, you know? I'm more used to it in the traditional sense, where it's a nice, long, slow thing-the New York style. In downtown L.A., money is making it happen very quickly. I prefer to be around people who have to work-to look out my window and see people who are, like, pushing carts and struggling.

CB: You recently had a show at LA>

KN: I wanted to deal with the idea of spectacle and celebrity, giving it some resonance with the political situation going on right now. I wanted to make the viewer complicit by having the whole thing mirrored-so we see ourselves in this.

CB: Do you feel like you fit into the L.A. art scene?

KN: L.A. is a very strange place. It's been really good to me as an artist, but I'm still often times considered a New York artist, even by people who live here. There are collectors in this town who still, to this day, go, "What are you doing here? Did you just arrive?" They think I should be in New York. 

CB: Is that because you had a lot of success in New York?

KN: It might be. Or it might be because I don't make work that is traditionally considered Los Angeles art. The only noir thing about my practice is me. [laughs] The dominant thrust for a while seemed to be noir and ironic. I just keep telling myself that I only live here, I'm not of here. That helps to keep me sane.

CB: So what will you work on next?

KN: I'm still going to tackle the subject of narcissism. [laughs] I'm going to make a giant toppled head out of Plexiglas and metal-like fake stained glass-for an upcoming solo show at The Project in New York.

CB: Whose head?

KN: Mine. [laughs] The head is going to look like it's been pushed over, like when regimes change they knock down all of the old statues and chop off their heads. Whatever happens with the U.S. election, whichever way it goes, I think the work will still resonate.

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Video Ashton Kutcher Sex Tape Release Soon?

Video Ashton Kutcher's Sex Tape Release Soon?
Ashton Kutcher gossip affair with a woman named Brittney Jones had not yet subsided. Reportedly, the husband of Demi Moore has a "sex tape" with the woman. Really?

When the news of Ashton Kutcher affair with another woman started to emerge, Demi Moore tried to not give a damn. Indeed this Hollywood actress instead renew the promise of her marriage to

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POST: Unframed The LACMA Blog / A Conversation with Franklin Sirmans / May 14, 2010

Seeing Anew: A Conversation with Franklin Sirmans

Franklin Sirmans hasn�t wasted any time settling into his new post as head of contemporary art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He�s been visiting studios, galleries, and private collections around town, getting to know the works of art in our permanent collection, and planning upcoming exhibitions. Before coming to LACMA, Franklin served as curator of modern and contemporary art at the Menil Collection in Houston, and worked as an independent curator, critic, writer, and editor. Now that he�s been here for a few months, I checked in to see how he was adjusting to his new surroundings.

What brought you to LA?
It was the opportunity to work with the team assembled here�including director Michael Govan, and my colleagues throughout the museum�at a really exciting time. Also, right now, the art conversation in Los Angeles is so interesting. Art in Los Angeles is still so young. We�re looking back to the grand old past of, what? The 1950s and 60s. We are still in the midst of a conversation about the formation of the art scene in Los Angeles with the people who were here then and are still here now�Ed Ruscha, Joe Goode, Betye Saar, Samella Lewis, just to name a few. That fascinates me.

What are you finding out about Los Angeles?
I�m still checking out the neighborhoods, seeing new places. I went to see Judson Powell in Compton the other day to talk about his work at the Watts Towers in the past and his present work there, building an arts and cultural center.
I feel like I know the Culver City scene but I know that�s very little in the scope of things. That said, Lauri Firstenberg at Laxart, Suzanne Vielmetter Projects, and Roberts & Tilton are always interesting.
I�ve done studio visits with Betye Saar, who has a wonderful piece in the collection, and Paul McCarthy, also in the collection. I recently did a visit with the curator Samella Lewis, whose work I grew up reading.
I knew a lot of artists before coming here. But I didn�t know the collectors and collections in Los Angeles, so I�m trying to get to know them now, as well as artists. I�m also really interested in what�s happening outside the confines of visual art�what people are doing in film, dance, and music, and the vernacular of the city.

What else, besides art?
I watch a lot of soccer.

What do you miss about Houston and the Menil Collection?
The atmosphere there is so serene. You have the Byzantine Fresco Chapel across the street from the Mark Rothko Chapel. Right there, you also have Barnett Newman�s Broken Obelisk and down the street you have the Menil Collection and behind that you have Cy Twombly�s gallery and behind that you have Dan Flavin�s gallery. It�s like a perfect art experience.
But in a lot of ways, that�s what�s happening here at LACMA, right now.

What�s it like getting to know the collection here?
I�m interested in exploring the synergy between the Broad collection and the LACMA collection, and we�re doing that already in some new installations this fall.
The modern collection here includes some really special pieces�the Giacomettis, for example. The Picassos, those Brancusi birds.
There are some wonderful works I would like to see installed�a Marlene Dumas painting that�s been out on loan for a while, a work by John Outterbridge that I really want to see, and Toba Khedoori, a young artist who interests me. We have a wonderful piece of hers in the collection. It�s huge�I�d really love to see that on view. Not easy to do.
I want to play on the strengths of the collection, those special objects that we have at hand, and also the relationship we have with artists here in Los Angeles, which is something that will play a prominent role in a future exhibition. More news on that shortly.
I want to look at contemporary art in the context of the encyclopedic museum. That was part of the hook, the reason I came here. How, as contemporary viewers, do we look at the art of the past? How can artists help us see the past anew?
Amy Heibel

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Free Beauty Tips Face

 Free Beauty tips and guidelines that can make your face and body care so much easier:

1. To clean facial skin without doing damage, do not scrub. Rather, use a gentle, oil and fragrance free cleanser, preferably one that is pH balanced. For oily skin use a cleanser that contains benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid. Unless your skin is oily, avoid toner as this can dry out the skin.

2. Invest in a magnifying mirror to closely scrutinize your facial skin. It will then be easy to identify enlarged pores on the central parts of the cheeks as well as blackheads in the area of the nose.

3. Emergency treatment for puffy eyes: If you need to eliminate puffy eyes in a hurry, chill two teaspoons in the fridge, then place the hollow sides over closed eyes for a few minutes.

Alternatively, take two chamomile tea bags that have cooled after being steeped in boiling water, and place them over the eyes for a few minutes.

4. Neck Area: While much time and attention is lavished on the face, the neck area needs as much care and consideration. Include the neck area in your skincare routine.

5. To get the day off to a healthy start, make a drink from boiling water and the juice of one lemon. Add some finely chopped ginger for further interest. Apart from being a good source of Vitamin C, this will cleanse the liver and get your metabolism going.

6. Home Made Salt Rub: Feel renewed by making your own salt rub with a mixture of coarse salt and gentle liquid soap. Using a loofah mitt, apply the mixture all over the body in the shower and rinse the suds thoroughly. Pat the body dry and then apply a body cream or oil to leave your body soft and smooth. (Do not use products containing alpha hydroxy acids to avoid irritating the skin)

7. Make foot care a part of your shower routine. Keep a pumice stone in the shower and smooth away any calluses which may start forming, dry skin on the heels or balls of the feet, or rough skin on the edge of the toes. Gentle, regular care will keep unsightly foot problems at bay.

Lips1 How To Get To Your Lips

Every girl wants to have a sexy lips, and that's what I say, how to make a charming lip.

The first thing you must consider is the color of lipstick, lipstick color you should be choose.A good for your skin, especially you face color. You can choose not only color but also two or three colors to blend the perfect color. However, the hue should be as close as possible.Some girls like to draw your lip, but sometimes it will make your lips look terrible. It is advice on how to make a natural lip line. Apply lipstick to lips after the scene. Aviod using the lipstick color very dark line.

StarsMakeup Serene Face

Skin care is the most important part of your makeup pretty face. Here are some tips.

Facial cleansing in the morning and before bed, especially at night. Pat your face dry and use an appropriate moisturizer.Suggested use non-greasy moisturizer, if you have acne on her face. Once the basic steps, we begin to make a perfect face.

Face Powder And Brush

Woman applying face powder have you ever come down the aisle of the pharmacy and looked at all the makeup brands with different types of face powder? It can be a simple decision of a mystery. Some people do not know what to do with the powder and avoid it completely, while others use it badly and lose all the advantages of the powder. How do you decide what they need and how to use? Here are some simple things to make that choice easier.

Face Beauty Tips For Lips Excellent

The lips have always been an important part of beauty. Smooth, full lips like most black women are not only attractive, but also suggest youth and sexiness. In order to stay beautiful, your lips have a higher level of protection and care.

Face Care Makeup Tips

The eyes are the key to a thin face. big eyes a little face shown in its entirety. Listen to your eyes to create more mascara on the lashes. Avoid Lash Mascara on the bottom, this cocoon and eyes seem smaller.

Face Makeup Tips

Face makeup  can be used to highlight one`s good features and also to camouflage the not-so-good features. Useful and practical tips go a long way in enhancing your looks. Some of the practical tips are: Foundation forms the base of the face makeup  and is applied after the face has been cleansed and moisturized. Wait for a few moments for the moisturizer to be absorbed before applying the foundation.

Facial Skin Care

Tips for natural skin care: Here are some ways often overlooked for improving the skin, including tips on diet and exercise for a radiant complexion.

Woman With The Agreement Of The Block

An oil massage is a simple and well known for treating dry skin. Add a few drops of glycerin to the oil just before application, will be more effective.

Girl Facial

Take 1 tablespoon of raw milk, a baby wipe and polish the affection eochaircheap calmly next to it. Use a circular motion, to be used also by acclamation area.Leave fought 15 minutes. icy wash with wate

Board Masks

Masks make the difference between good and great skin. Try using a facial mask at least three times a month, especially in late summer and late winter. When the seasons change, the changes of the skin. Face masks can be like a much needed spring cleaning, you exfoliate your skin and remove the slow accumulation of cells. Face mask from one day to wash the skin to keep your pores unclogged and help to identify the defects. Face masks can do wonders for your skin and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean day after day. Regularly used in facial masks, when the new improved version of your face, I greet you in the morning. A good idea is to use

Beauty tips for fairness

Beauty tip for fairness can work for almost any skin type. Not everyone has a round face or an oval face, but every face is perfect. The skins’ texture and tone is essential before applying any creams or make up applications. Even the most plainest of faces can be transformed into a face of beauty. There are many beauty tips for fairness rules that can be useful in aiding any skin type, if applied appropriately. Below are a few suggestions. How you apply the products you buy or make will determine the effectiveness, of the beauty tip for fairness solutions that you use.

The first thing you want to do is cleanse your skin. Start with a mild face cleanser. Follow the instructions on the label, for your skin type. Using a cleanser that is not appropriate for your skin type could cause outbreaks. Begin by rubbing the cream on your face in a circular motion as you clean your skin, this aid in stimulating good circulation. This can apply to the entire body. Using a soft brush on the entire body stimulates better blood circulation throughout the entire body. Applying beauty tips for fairness techniques to your skin helps your skin to breathe, shine and glow. This gives it a healthy and lively appearance.

Next, you can apply your make up as usual. Some people find that changing their brand of make up (actually) improves the appearance of their skin. Some makeup can be harsh to the skin and can cause mild to severe skin irritations. Try applying cocoa butter at night before retiring to bed; it makes the skin soft and silky. Organic makeup may be worth looking into, since non-allergen ingredients are becoming more popular in all aspects of marketing. Using good beauty tips for fairness in a positive way can help to improve many undesired skin problems.

Your skin is the most important part of your appearance. It works as a protector for the inner parts of your body, protecting you from the harshness of the sun, rain and wind. Your skin is really a barrier to the harsh environment that we live in. You should use skin protectors such as sunscreen and sun blocker that is compatible to your skin type. Applying the right beauty tips for fairness solutions is important in preventing further skin irritation. If you have serious skin conditions that have not gone away after several months of at home remedies, and over the counter treatments, you may need to consult a dermatologist. Taking care of your skin is essential to promoting and maintaining good and healthy skin tone and texture. Fairness for beauty tips are suggestions that can help you maintain a good and healthy skin glow.

Face Care Tips

His face is the highlight of his body. This part plays the most important way of communicating with someone. And most importantly, your face is the most beautiful too. So you have to take care of your face. It seems strange when acne pimples and cover your face. Even after his death, the scars remain for a long time. Not only the buttons, but also many skin problems can occur in the face if not taken care of him. Here are some helpful tips for home facial are discussed below for their help. Review the list and follow the prompts to keep the natural shine of your face.

Rolling Stone's 50 Best Indonesian Singers

Rolling Stone's 50 Best Indonesian Singers
Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine lists 50 best singers of Indonesia. From the 50 best singers, "the legend" Benjamin Sueb selected as the best.

Benjamin Sueb regarded as a singer who has talent, and very Indonesian. Benjamin S also considered to have provided inspiration to the younger generation. In fact, many of the singers who also idolized this

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Hot! Syahrini Intimate Photo With Foreign Man

Hot! Syahrini Intimate Photo With Foreign Man - Foto Syahrini Dan Pria Bule
The intimate photos of Syahrini with a man has spread across the Internet. But this time the hot photo is not with Anang Hermansyah, her former duet, but the photos of Syahrini with a foreign man. The news that blow saying that the intimate photo was circulated via Blacberry Messenger. In the photo, Syahrini that uses

Churidar Shalwar Kameezs

Churidar salwar kameez is very popular at that time. They look very elegant when combined with short Kurtis, Anarkali kameez and long. Available in different colors, they look best.Now many designers, high export salwar kameez fashion found in a variety of styles, colors and base fabrics. It also increases the designers of Indian society. In recent years, the range of salwar kameez are available in a variety of unique designs. salwar kameez designed in different styles, colors and necklines.

Candy Salwar Kameez

India's silk salwar kameez are available in different colors like red, magenta, green, embroidered purple, pink and heavy. These silk salwar kameez are available online in various cuts and styles.They explore new dimensions, new styles to make it look elegant. salwar kameez is the dress style is considered the most comfortable and fashionable women. Traditionally, salwar kurtas teamed with variable length, knee length is the length of the season, but some have begun to team up with long shirts and caps destroyers head band. Salwar Kameez has a timeless appeal is feminine and effortlessly.

Shalwar Kameez Dupatta

Heavily embellished Indian Salwar kameez is very popular at parties, weddings and celebrations. These are embellished with embroidery like Dabke, Zardoz, Kunda, and more. But now a days the concept of design Salwar kameez revolutionized by the rise of new trends, styles, Asian fashion designers tried to come up with a garment. Now the day planners are looking for new models, styles of Salwar kameez. Designers strive to give an exclusive look Salwar kameez clothing.

Salwar Kameez Readytowear

Salwar kameez designs

Almost every season we seem to modify existing styles in fashion and come up with something new. Nowadays, the public girl while rushing towards Indian salwar. That its partial, short kurta, churidar, salwar pants pants, girls, etc. love to wear. Salwar is in fact a very comfortable equipment. Especially in summer when temperatures soar, all try to wear light clothing. Recently, the trend is to wear a salwar cotton printed with a plain kurta gain popularity quickly. Whether you plan to go to the office or college, almost all stations of girl that option.

Salwar Kameez Short

Shalwar Kameez started as an alternative form of dress in Kashmir and Punjab, and has gained popularity over the place. With international style icons Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Lopez and late Princess Diana adorning Shalwar Kameez at major events, this style is clearly the real taste of clothing style. salwar kameez are all from pajama pants like skinny jeans style worn under long tunics or less Kurtis. There are a variety of style, every style imaginable salwar kameez which is the versatility of this style of clothing.

Change trends in the style of salwar kameez, as they do in other clothes. More shirts are Read the rest of this entry

White Purple Salwar Kam

White kameez with light work and printed salwar and dupatta beautiful elegant salwar kameez, 2010.

Bollywood Salwar Kameez Rivers

The evolution of the salwar kameez has a long and rich history began with the influence of Islamic law in India. The mixture of cultures has created the tendency to use loose pajamas and kurtas for men and women, the only difference is that women also adds a dupatta odhni or your computer.

Recent Cotton Salwar Kameez

Occasionally, new styles were introduced, and the names of the Indian market Salwar kameez. Traditional Churidar Salwar is very popular and famous among the Indian and Pakistani communities. They are all contexts outfit. They are formal, informal, can be worn at weddings, functions, parties, etc. everywhere. Traditional Kurta is generally a long-sleeved full-sleeved or sleeveless, and usually to the knee may be higher too. Since the establishment of the modern era took place the importance of style and form of Kurta or kameez have changed. short kameez, Kurti until the sides are popular daySalwar kameez has undergone several changes in the shapes and designs over the years. Several Salwar Suit are:

Salwar Kameez Same Way Paint Shirt

Who wants to stop seeking the "perfect" all or add variety to your clothes every day? Salwar kameez is the perfect value! For starters, there are salwar kameez to suit every budget. Even formal salwar kameez tend to be cheaper than the official uniform of the West. In addition, the purchase of brand-name stores to go buy a suit of its beauty will last. Unlike many facilities, salwar kameez can really go anywhere. You can go to formal events, semi-formal events, work, college, parties, dinners, or even just to go shopping. Many times a costume can play several roles in the simple addition of accessories such as jewelry and dress shoes. Ultimately, the quality salwar kameez last longer, are less expensive than many alternatives West and can go to places so different that you will get much wear on them and that means more value for your money.

salwarkameez Anarkali, salwar kameez neck design, salwarkameez Indian salwarkameez, salwarkameez bollywood, Wake, salwar suits, salwar suits formula

Unlimited Styles And Designs

salwar kameez comes in many different styles such as Parallel / salwar style pantsuit with a short top style kurta, churidar salwar kameez style pajama and salwar kameez fashion salwar kameez and traditional Afghan style has countless variations. If it was not enough variety for the fashion diva, even the most demanding, taking into account the countless varieties of embroidery and design improvements and salwar kameez are available in limitless style, design and variations!

Feeling Good About What To Wear

There are many reasons to feel good wearing Salwar kameez as its great value and beauty, but the important thing is that if you do not feel comfortable in clothes that you want to feel pretty good, what you use. If you have clothing that severely restricts their movements, both in terms of comfort or fear that something is about to jump out or hang out, you're always going concern, and can not appreciate the moment at hand. In Salwar kameez / shalwar kameez do not have to sacrifice modesty or services, such as Salwar kameez combines comfort and grace of the most fashionable trends.

Salwar Kameez RVM

salwar kameez looks good on all body types and sizes. Whether you are a woman or super plus size, women size small or medium-sized woman, these costumes will make you look and feel your best.Whoever coined the adage that "one size fits all" was really confused. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and we understand that one size does not really fit all. In we specialize in finding the best solution possible for all women. We offer an adjustment Personalized at no extra charge, so you can highlight your best assets. For convenience and ease of control, we also offer salwar kameez finite size Extra Small to 5 Extra Large. No woman, not something its size, should have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and fit.

Salwar Kameez Fc

salwar kameez is the traditional dress of Pakistani men and women ani. Indian version of the salwar kameez is "indian salwar kameez". The dress has two parts: the kameez (tunic) and shalwar (s Pant). Women also wear a dupatta around the neck salwar kameez.

Designation Red Salwar Kameez

salwar kameez has a tendency to incorporate different forms and styles with flexibility to create new and unique look. Fashion Pakistan is progressing very well. Enjoy the ultimate collection of salwar kameez designs.akistani Shalwar Kameez Fashion, drawings salwar kameez, churidar salwar kameez, Anarkali salwar kameez, fashion, girls, women shalwar qameez, Westar and East Clothing Styles, salwar kameez dupatta, salwar kameez Banarsi, salwar kameez dresses, salwar kameez clothing, Oriental styles and clothing Westar

Latest Indian Salwar Kameez

The user has a limited life. Bombay, the center of innovation to create more salwar almost every day. Styles may change, but one thing is not going to be fashionable this Indian woman Salwar Kameez comfortable combination. It is interesting to discover beautiful salwar kameez pattern. Available in innumerable range from Casual Salwar Kameez salwar and churidar, punjabi suit, style, style, Afghanistan, Pakistan, costumes, custom made salwar hot and trendy Indo western salwar kameez design is requested by women for women of all ethnic and age groups.

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Pakistani salwar kameez

Konto - designer salwar kameez material (salwar, kameez dupatta og)

Style - Can be stitched as salwar kameez or Churidaar Kameez or Semi Patiala salwar kameez

Material - Jacquard Ghadwal

Color - green and plum

Description - Designer salwar kameez! This beautiful kameez Churidaar will calm a beautiful set. kameez Styling itself is fantastic! Umbrella Cut kameez has pushed that huge. Drape the fabric adds to the grace of the set. Kameez has self woven with floral and geometric. Empire seam was decorated mosaic embroidered narrow. Churidaar remains simple. Edge of the dupatta has been tagged with beautiful borders.

salwar kameez

Punjabi salwar kameez is in fashion now a days because of its unique design! Short Kurta with a loose salwar kameez salwar Punjabi beauty. It is composed in a style that gives a complete comfort to the user. This salwar kameez in punjabi style is unique in the design of the front panel is equipped with horizontal panels of mix n match. kameez yoke embroidery design in the chicken followed by the pleated panel. This group is followed by the various panels embroidered brocade them and folded them. Salwar suits neck and hem is decorated with beautiful mosaics! Salwar has self woven designs. Ruched crushed dupatta is a beauty of design! Designed in a style different this Punjabi salwar suits are usually a touch of Punjab.

Patiala Salwar Kameez Very Nice

Patiala salwar kameez dress is an all-time favorite of Punjabis. It is one of the most elegant salwar kameez among traditional costumes. It looks very trendy and fashionable anytime and anywhere. It became popular not only in India but also in other parts of the world as well. Precisely because of this exceptional place, "Patiala", a small city became very famous. Patiala Now Salwaar Kamiz is finding admirers innocent village girl to a girls city street smart. Salwaar kameez can be adopted to see traditional and modern, depending on their choice, personality and needs.

Nice patiala salwar kameez

Dupatta is adorned with small embroidered sequins Buti. Edges dupatta with laces add more beauty to salwar kameez Patiala. Dupatta with points on the assembly and metal decoration on salwar kameez looks palla great.Patiala style has change of style. The holding may be more style semi Patiala Patiala style. Semi Patiala salwar is also a very beautiful design that looks very gracious to anyone who wears it.

Nice Fashion Salwar Kameez

Patiala Salwar kameez all know that the salwar origin somewhere in the Punjab. salwar kameez is the basic dress of the women of Punjab. Patiala salwar is popularly known among women. Patiala salwar has a unique design in itself. He has a unique movement and creates a silhouette. It looks great and stylish, has partnered with a short length gown and accessories Punjabi. Today, they are popular and used frequently.

Embroidered Salwar Kameez

An exotic range of embroidered Salwar kameez and latest styles in a complex with colored silk threads resham sprayed around the front of nicely. Simple embroidery on them heavy, Salwar kameez designs in various colors, shapes and sizes attractive to the eyes. Kundan, sequins, Parsi Gara Dabke work work and more to do Salwar kameez is the most attractive. Women use them for parties and special occasions.


Short hair styles are in vogue at the time, if it is to break down, Bob, elf, or to marry. Short hair is a classic hairstyle that you can never lose the importance of fashion.

Those who have short hair has endless possibilities for styling their locks. You can do it with styling products available these days. You can go curly head, straight to wavy. Change depending on your mood.

And 'because short hair is so flexible that it can be virtually any style of it. Short hair is ideal for all hair. And 'straight, curly, thick or curly. You can never get bored with short hair. Forgetting is easily manageable. No need to do a lot of stuff to handle it. It 's just a place for you. Short hair does not just give a professional look or a tomboy, but can also make you look stylish, sophisticated and elegant.

Curly Hair Styles

Card style: Girls who do not have time to take care of their hair, use the short hair style. It is a style where the hair touches the neck. This style has its own beauty, because the big advantage of this style is to look younger. Most women who want to look younger, you must choose this style for style them.Medium: This is the style used by almost all women. It gives more beauty and attractio

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Women Evening Heeled


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