Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mehndi Designs For Hands

Mehndi Designs For Hands:Hands are the most exposed part of the body next to the face, and are almost as expressive and indicative of the owner’s mood and meaning.
But aside from a nice manicure, hands typically do not get the same attention as the face when it comes to special occasions. Lately, though, hand makeup in the form of mehendi designs have begun to capture the attention of a wide Western audience, from little children to stylish socialites, due mainly to the influence of Hollywood fashion icons such as Madonna and Demi Moore.

Mehndi Designs For HandsMehendi,
the Indian word for henna is a typical Indian custom in which intricate designs are applied on the hands to complete a bride-to-be’s toilette, as well as that of her bride’s maids. The belief is that mehendi brings luck and beauty, and if about to be married a girl needs lots of either one or the other, but preferably both.
It is also believed that the darker the hue of the mehndi designs, the more favor the mother-in-law will bestow on the bride, which is even more necessary than luck and beauty! In fact, it is the duty of the future mother-in-law to engage the services of a mehendi artist. Traditionally, it is confined for the use of women but for really special weddings, the groom is also given a special mehndi henna design.

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