Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Ultimate Collection"

"Ultimate Collection" CD 1


1. Everybody (HDC Forrest/Heller Radio Mix)
2. Burning Up (HDC 7" Version)
3. Holiday (HDC Jellybean Radio Mix)
4. Lucky Star (HDC U.S. Radio Mix)
5. Borderline (HDC U.S. Radio Mix)
6. Like A Virgin (HDC Dance Radio Mix)
7. Material Girl (HDC Dance Radio Mix)
8. Crazy For You (HDC Radio Mix)
9. Angel (HDC Dance Radio Mix)
10. Into The Groove (HDC ReInvented Shep Single Mix)
11. Dress You Up (HDC 7" Formal Mix)
12. Over And Over (HDC Thompson/Barbiero 7")
13. Gambler (HDC Dance Radio Mix)
14. Live To Tell (HDC Edit)
15. Papa Don't Preach (HDC Radio Remix)
16. True Blue (Remix/Edit)
17. Open Your Heart (HDC Ambitious Radio Mix)
18. La Isla Bonita (HDC Radio Remix)

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