Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artificial Nail Designs 2011

Your hands are one of the body parts most at risk and if you are looking artificial nail 2011 nail designs to fashion, so it attracts the eyes of others, then this article will help find clues as easy and detailed designs of nail art. If you are an artist or a nail if you started experimenting with the colors of acrylic nail polish, and then you also need to know what the 2011 nail design trend this year. Your nails may be of different lengths, and good news is that not only long nails may have a watermark and vibrant nail art, but can also make your hands beautiful, if you have short nails. Artificial nails are a great replacement for short nails and cracked or painted designs can be much more detailed and versatile 2011 nails acrylic nails, because nails are much stronger and cover a larger area to experiment with creative ideas .

Artificial nails come in all lengths and shapes, and there are even artificial nails, which are pre-designed nails with designs. Nails Design 2011, mostly seen in artificial nails are mainly floral patterns and seasonal animals, also wavy lines and small stones. If you want to draw your own design artificial nails, you can draw the peas and seasonal patterns, straight and use of accessories like costume jewelry or polymer rods. You can use nail polish nails to create their designs seem glamorous nails 2011.
2011 artificial nail design is as beautiful if you use Konad nail art stamping technique that allows you to bring versatility, almost filigree patterns that you can also combine with other techniques. All in one, your nail design is very similar 2011 big if you use two, three, or more modern colors are blue, orange, yellow, red, fuchsia and green.

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