Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Are Gel Nails - Reply

Many women have no idea what gel nails and polish what is the difference between them and the acrylic. Of course, there is almost no difference between them, but there is a huge that you can not see your eyes. For those who wonder what gel nail polish, which can easily give an answer that is the same as those of acrylic, only taking into account the resistance is much lower when using the gel nail polish. I hope I answered your question What are gel nails polished, because now you know, you can easily begin to do some really cool gel nails designed with them in 2011 - coatings gels are one of the best models for doing nails , so always make sure to combine acrylic gel nails polished them.

What are gel nail

Gel nails painted nails to give a whole new meaning on the design of nails. Of course, if you're still not sure what gel nails and what they are good, you can easily surf the Internet a bit 'and you're sure to find the good stuff that will help solve the big problem for you. However, a combination of paint and varnish gel acrylic nails look gorgeous, so do not wait and start using the gel nail polish more today, if you know what is good for you. Before you buy a gel or acrylic paint, make sure to do some 'research first, because not all are good - you can even make your own Nail Art Gallery.

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