Monday, May 30, 2011

Ceremony Ideas

The most important part of marriage is the union of couples ceremony.For officials and their families to the ceremony should reflect your dreams, expectations and values.

When the bride arrives at the ceremony with her white wedding gown while the groom is waiting for her, the room is full of anticipation.

The label of a traditional marriage is essential and must continue.

When the couple want to celebrate their marriage in a Christian life, they probably would choose a church for the ceremony. In this case, the groom should wear a black suit and a bright beautiful wife white wedding dress.

Today, many couples choose to have a non-religious ceremony. They want to marry a family member or friend, but they still want to follow tradition, consider the following:

traditional marriage ceremony includes the following principal components:

1.Opening officiating words

2.Entrance the bride and groom with music

3.A poetry reading and the marriage begins (ie the Bible)

4.Attendants or witnesses sign the marriage papers

5.Wedding speeches and vows to continue

6.Exchange and wedding rings, followed by a blessing, sanction officiating the marriage or the commitment to support marriage

7.The 'first kiss as a married couple

8.Ending and walking in the process of music

Before the ceremony can begin, there are a lot of planning involved. Take a pencil and write your answers to these questions?

1.make a guest list of people you want around your

2.Send in the official invitation to your guests at the time.

3.Find ceremony Officiant help themselves and obtain a certificate of marriage

4.Find a wonderful place for the ceremony

5.Decide which is a wedding procession and to participate in your wedding party

wedding rings 6.Organize

7.What to play music during the ceremony?

8.Is a wedding party going after the ceremony?

9.What to wear during the ceremony?

10.Do you have plans to change clothes after the ceremony?

Give yourself at least 6 months before the wedding. Cross everything on your list if each task is completed.

Planning a wedding is to work on a project. Focus on moving forward.

I hope this brief overview of what happens in the traditional ceremony which should be organized before the event will help you gain time to plan your wedding.

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