Sunday, May 22, 2011

Choosing The Perfect Diamond

Choosing the right diamond

For many people, the diamond is the biggest purchase of their lives. When this fact, the Blue Nile to recognize important to understand what you are buying. This guide will simplify the four Cs - cut shape, color, clarity and carat weight and diamond certification. After reading this guide, you are better prepared to choose a diamond that's right for you.


At least as important as a diamond, rubber, which is what we all looking to reach your girl is going to notice. Is your wife-to-be a modern woman who appreciates sleek lines and minimalist style? If so, you should choose a contemporary setting for your diamond. If he is more conservative and appreciates the classic style, you'll want to go to a traditional diamond setting. If he is a romantic, vintage style, you can choose your fingers. The second issue of regulation are asked if you want to go and solitaire with a diamond stone or other forms of support for channel-set diamonds around the ring finger.


A value timeless classic that has a diamond like no other.


A modern variation alone, ideal for women with active lifestyles.


Attractive and stylish, the channel-set diamonds are a popular choice.


It symbolizes the past, present and future, three stone rings is a romantic option.

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