Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nominal Value

High Flying women, grooming may be the difference between promotion and reduction. No wonder, reports Natasha Hughes, Botox schedule appointments for their Blackberry.

Eighties power suits and color consultations can be moved from "no makeup" makeup and casual Fridays, but the business women need to clean up their act if they want to get started.

High-fliers - those who have made - has long accepted the harsh reality for many women find uncomfortable: things govern, and, increasingly, this requires more extreme measures. Corporate insiders say grooming makes a difference - the difference that the safeguarding and promotion of pushed laterally or even the difference was invited to mingle with customers and being left behind.

"Women are sitting back and waiting for everything to happen," says Rose Head Filippone Filmont recruitment, which headhunts managers. "They think their credentials speak for themselves. I am very curricula, but almost everyone seems to be a mess. They sell themselves short."

Filippone prospects would freeze most women working in heart: "I interviewed a woman of 40 years for a position as account manager and she found it on the phone, had a great career diploma When we met was a Mrs. quite large, large. wore a black coat, a backpack and flat shoes. no makeup. This was a labor of $ 150 000 per year. "

Suzanne Dekyvere an image consultant for corporate clients, including ANZ and Australia Post, says that most women underestimate the importance of personal presentation. "I know some directors will not take the staff to meet clients because their grooming does not project its image. People make judgments about how people look. Knowledge will not get you very far. Women drop. "

Stylist Bronwyn Fraser disagrees. She says most women have completed a "positive, groomed look. They are polite, they are disguised, they know what to do." This means that more and more regular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, especially Botox, filler injections and laser treatments. These procedures can refresh and soften the features that make women "working environment more friendly," according to Marilyn Cassetta, a registered nurse and "injector" Silkwood Medical in Sydney, where 40 percent of customers are a big boom. "C is the CEO, vice presidents, lawyers and doctors. They have reached a degree of success at first, they are in their 50s and need an edge a little more useful to the party. They say: " Do whatever it takes, "says Cassetta.

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