Saturday, April 30, 2011

CELTA. The Most Famous Dress Designer

Prom dresses are one of the best designers collection because of its unique design and better. And for this reason most prom dresses are priced single also made the best designers worldwide.

Yumi Katsura - is one of the most famous designer prom dress, which has always been to create a prom dress very expensive. And he does one dress cost only $ 31,200,000. It 'was a special material, which is 1000, and pearls, diamonds, 8.8 carats, 5 carat diamond and white gold.

Renne Strauss - which is second only to the prom is one of the famous designer, who made a prom dress, which cost $ 12,000,000. prom dress has been applied in hundreds of diamonds.

Giorgio Armani - one of the most famous designers prom dress also because of his creatures, famous Swarovski crystals sewn with patience and skill.

There are still many famous designer who creates a unique prom dress, elegant and beautiful with its highest unbelievable.

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