Friday, April 29, 2011

Invite Glances Through Nail Art

Nails are protective of the toes and fingers, it allows you to perform various tasks, which consists of a hard protein called Keratin.Nail art is a very special box in cosmetics. painting, nail painting, nail decoration, piercings are a few different ideas nail art. Nail art can complement your outfit for a special event or add a unique touch to the look every day. The craze is not limited to celebrities and models, high level people set up a college today like to wear nail art on another occasion.

Nail implements

Nail Stripes

Various shapes, designs are available to strip nails should care, and try to use pliers to effect cleaning. Since the cuticle, gently set the tape through the nail in the desired position. Then cut the excess. Finally, apply gentle pressure with your fingers to secure.

Gold and silver nail charms:

Gold and silver are easy to use and very effective. Remove the role of the charm, put the nail in the preferred location.then while lightly with fingers to secure.

The effect of the fabric:

Fabric texture can be given to the nails by applying two coats of paint, then while they are still slightly damp, press a pattern (no fluff) piece of leather or cloth lightly over them.

Stars & Assorted points:

Nail polish training ArtYou Invite 300x239 sheet can use stars and dots to paint nail polish or the use of stars and glitter floating in them. Nail art with the stars and sundries, pour a small amount of stars or dots on a sheet of paper. Wet end of stick nail. Individual get wet touching the end of the pole star or something. Place the nail in the desired location, pressing lightly to secure. If the star or point of attachment is enamel, apply a small amount of sealant to the first nail nail art.

Nail Sticker:

Simply remove the sheet of labels with pliers. Place the nails in the desired location. Apply gentle finger pressure to secure and obtain the desired effect quickly and easily

Tips for Nail Art

* - Before applying nail polish to make sure they are in good condition, clean air again. In addition to a healthy diet, healthy nails also need proper attention. Also, make sure your cuticles are nice and healthy.

* - Try different brands and types of glaze or paint to see what is best and if you go with your clothes.

* - Nail art can be of different forms depending on the jewelry and design complexity. Acrylic paints are a good choice.

* - Removal of nail art depends on the type of materials used. In general it can be removed with cotton wool and acetone containing nail polish.

Precautions Nail Art

If the side effects of the product, wash hands, use acetone to remove, if necessary, and the production of the product. However, according to experts, there is no negative effect on the color of nail polish as a high quality.

healthy nails Nail Spa

Besides nail art is also different nail spas on the market that helps strengthen nails. Today, it was determined that we nail relatively weaker and thinner. So if you have thin nails why not go sit in the spa nails may be the right choice to strengthen your nails with proper care.

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