Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recycle Your Bridesmaid Dresses

After taking a wedding, you may have some problems like how to deal with this dress? dressed, but for bridesmaid dresses, including gowns are ten more who do not want to dress in the same crowd. Anything you can do to recycle your bridesmaid dresses!
Recycle your bridesmaid dresses

Here are some ideas to recycle the bridesmaid dresses:

* Dress in costume this Halloween. If you do not have any sewing skills or want to change it, you can store the next Halloween.

* Remove certain elements of your dress or shorter. If the dress have high arches or alive and flying, delete those elements of the dress, leaving a single dress. Most of these elements are added and removed without damaging the dress. If you really like the design but do not need a full-length dress, you can reduce it to a tea-length dress to wear on dates, and for weddings.

* Recycling is of scrap fabric. You can use fabric of a wedding dress to make beautiful decorative pillows, lamp shades or covers doll dresses.

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