Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Minx Nails? - Simple Nail Designs

Are you looking for the nail, which is weatherproof, bullet proof and provides a shield of armor? A growing trend in fashion is Minx nails. These simple nail designs are films that come pre-made design. They simply have to apply and you have long fingernails for at least 1-2 weeks. You nail so perfectly that they do most people do a double take. What's the catch? They are best used by professionals, but this article will give you some ideas on how you can become a part of the experience too Minx!

With their simple design that Minx nail, the possibilities are endless. Many celebrities and models wearing Minx Nails for a flawless finish. It is very common for people to take the easy route and get gold or silver Minx nails. If that sounds boring, think again. Imagine a piece of paper sheet of shiny gold nail are respected. The result is so polished and smooth that it seems you have 14k gold on my fingers! Minx nails often use funds to attract the attention of metal and they come in many designs simple plaid, stripes, hearts and brand images.

What is the process?

Minx is a solid film adhesive, which is activated by heat. Heat to soften the film so that it can carry out the shape of the nail. Surface finish does not need the film itself is very glossy. Minx is an easy to remove heat.

If you are Gung Ho to make the nail easy to own designs, there are several options. It is recommended that most women simply lounge that offers this service. This is due to the fact that the technicians have been trained in the application Minx nails. Minx nails usually expensive than other nail services, but remember that they are durable and do not chip. You can also buy starter kits online.

An alternative to Minx nails are leaves. Foil is in solid metallic colors and simple designs and nail. They are very affordable and are easy to apply yourself. They also do not require heat to apply.

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