Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Curious Conundrums

I'm pleased to introduce a new feature of this blog: Curious Conundrums (to keep with the CC theme).

There is a need for a puzzle outlet that cannot be found in the usual channels of publication. Many constructors, both novice and well-established, have wonderful ideas for puzzles that do not have a market niche. If you'd like to share and get opinions of your puzzles (either new or rejections) and would like to hear feedback on your theme and/or fill and/or clues from our Corner readers, please email me (crosswordc@gmail.com) your puzzle in Crossword Compiler I'll publish a specific post for the puzzle and start a comment thread.

Today I'd like to share a "Carpe Diem" puzzle Don G. and I made. We thought it's perfect for this hot summer's day. It's Don's original idea, and I brought it to life for his birthday. The theme for this puzzle was rejected on a technicality of geographical consistency, but still has a consistent thematic element that is not seen very often. A special "Thank you" to Marti and Barry G for the early grid review, test solving & valuable suggestions.

Don and I look forward to hearing your comments.


Here is puz file (Across Lite)

Here is PDF.

Spoiler: Here is the answer grid with yellow highlight for the theme gimmick. Here is Argyle's write-up .


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