Sunday, July 10, 2011

Office Dress

A dress that can transform its wearer worker Smart Office party girl wise and return are dilemmas wardrobe for young professionals.

The models wearing the dress in two forms: the dress, which converts between the office and wear disguises

Simple and surprising changes of color between the use of office equipment and party
Work to Flirt dress could become a must-have held for all girls-about-town, according to which unveiled the design.

Intelligent adaptation and design features transform the dress to expose a little cleavage, a short, sexy skirt and division and a decline in the division.

Tansy Hamley designer, who created the prototype has not yet sold in stores, he said. "The dress was very well received, with women saying it is essential to the trouble of planning once joked that many costumes help make a Superman style make-over.

"Given the hectic lives we all are bringing in these days, I think that in future more focused on fashion to two-in-one versatile outfits that can be modified to suit different occasions." surveyed 1,000 singles across the UK and research has found that 42% would not want to wear their clothes, while in the office after work to date.

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