Tuesday, July 12, 2011

salwar kameez new fashion

Salwar kameez is the traditional dress for women in southern and central Asia. Salwar kameez back to the 12th century, when Iran and the Islamic era, which was then followed by the Mughal Empire in the region now known as India and Pakistan. Salwar kameez is very popular because it is comfortable to wear in the day to day casual wear and also for weddings, functions and ceremonies. There is a wide selection of dresses and suits available for a woman to choose and dress in both regular and casual wear, but the grace and elegance salwar kameez is intact.

Salwar kameez is made of different fabrics such as Georgette salwar kameez, salwar kameez salwar kameez chiffon net, satin salwar kameez, cotton salwar kameez, silk salwar kameez and other tissues, including the latest trend of fusion of fabrics which is a mixture of above, and synthetic fabric. At present the basic definitions of all three separate creations, which are a salwar kameez sets, we have the information listed below:


Salwar pajama look further, as the pants. Their background is usually kept fairly narrow compared to the top, it is wide. The salwar is kept low in width, which goes down to form a conical shape at the ankle.


Also known as kurta is the summit in sets of salwar kameez. This t-shirt at the knee is also seen as a tunic that is worn on a salwar or churidar pajama.


Moving at the last second and the creation of the core group we salwar kameez dupatta. It is a long scarf or shawl, or a regular or a designer, and takes place around the neck or over your head.

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