Monday, March 21, 2011

12 Tips On How To Use Spell

Make sure that a spell or that matches your skin. See how it looks to bright light or sunlight. Be mixed to make it look transparent on the skin, but hides the desired areas. Is a more natural look when using pure layers. Here are some tips for better spelling results:

Tip 1 - Put a small amount on fingertip room. Point and move from the outer corner of the eye inward, and vice versa.

Tip 2 - Corrector can be used on or under the foundation, whatever you choose, be sure to mix, blend and mix. If you stir, be gentle on your skin. A triangular makeup sponge can be used to intervene in a soft case and before dotting motion.

Tip 3 - Always dry skin with preparations before applying moisturizer.

Tip 4 - Do not use on freckles and pigmentation less concealer you really need, because they may need more heavy coats that may make them worse.

Tip 5 - When it comes to dark circles, use your fingers to the lower area of the eye. Use a shade lighter than your base if they are set. Use a little darker if they are swollen.

Tip 6 - To hide the veins, you need a yellow-based concealer.

Tip 7 - Do not forget the most sensitive areas like the bridge of the nose, mouth and the outer edge of the eye. These areas need special attention when applying the help of the corrector.

Tip 8 - Use the help of the corrector sparingly. It should not be cakey or thick.

Tip 9 - After applying, smile into the mirror and check that you have applied concealer evenly. Blot gently with a towel over bumps.

Tip 10 - When finished, brush lightly with a sheer translucent powder. This establishes the concealer.

Tip 11 - Always have two scorers. Ask one of your days if a tanning bed or sun bed, and one for normal skin.

Tip 12 - Do not keep cosmetics spell or more than one year. It may contain bacteria that makes your face off

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