Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girls Tattoos

Tattoos used as a mark of rebellion .. now a fashion accessory. Although tattoos are most often applied to men, many girls began to show how tattoos can be sexy and feminine.

Sites ordinary man has a tattoo on his chest, shoulders or arms. Fashion can be a little girls' revealing, so having a tattoo items may limit the girls' wardrobe ', if it is hidden. The girls have time to consider the tattoo looks great when you wear a wedding dress or bikini. Which is why they tend to be cautious and make sure that the tattoo is easily hidden by clothing.

Before seeking a sexy girl tattoo, which will decide whether the body is the first step. the most popular girls are in the lower back between the shoulders and below the navel. These positions seem to reflect the latest fashion, and that can easily be covered or put into the program. Avoid having a tattoo on the chest or breast. Pregnancy or aging can cause the tattoo to stretch and ruin.

Sexy girls tattoo designs are often the butterflies, flowers, stars, dolphins and fairies cute. Although it is exciting to get a tattoo should always be taken to choose a template. Hundreds of people rushed in and just took a book design tattoo parlors, and then find they do not really like it or their friend got the day before the exact design.

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