Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fall And Winter

All designs here are originals. They were created in every woman feel comfortable, elegant and refined, where it is. Of course, all were affected in the highest achievements of craftsmanship are used, 'Babini kuki' look is ever present, and the color scheme goes well beyond the traditional for this type of clothing.

The result is a rich collection of drawings and models, which could correspond to any woman's tastes and preferences, without compromise.

Each garment is hand crocheted with luxury packaging, has a unique number and a passport. It can never be identical.

Women's fall-winter line consists mostly classic sweaters and shirts, with the most beautiful patterns and points that you can imagine, you will not see anywhere else. Few of them are models with two colors - the most difficult task of needles.

Jackets and sweaters with a particular fashion style of young people is introduced. Again, 'Babini kuki' look, style, fashion, masks and models are all things that would make a woman feel beautiful.

exclusive line of wool sweater coats show an artistic approach to another common piece of clothing.

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