Friday, March 11, 2011

Patiala Shalwar Kameez And

Patiala salwar kameez or Patiala place is that some of the historical background, there is a Patiala salwar Kameezstory behind the name. Patiala is a place in Punjab state in northern India. In ancient times, in Paliala Maharaja (King) was very popular. Clothes were unique with pleated pants and long sleeves kameez complete vacuum. The clothes are named after the Patiala, a city in Punjab state in northern India. A wonderful Punjabi Patiala salwar kameez is a combination of design with sequin work with beautiful tones printing sheet through the front panel. Kameez is a more precise design of the net embroidered face and neck and sleeves. Patiala salwar has all the beautiful writing. social circus in print with beautiful laces on both sides are quite impressive. The salwar kameez salwar many different models Semi Patiala is beautiful design that works very well in the body as container.

Punjabi Salwar Patiala is famous dress designed for a contemporary look, bearing in mind the latest fashion .. Even when you buy remember Patiala Patiala .. The landing is pretty good and folds dress.The, how to give a beautiful effect twist. There are a lot of liquidity in their eyes, and women wearing shorts and a good seal. Rabat waist pants, just like any other salwars. Women who have severe lower half, and this can do wonders, design, and the extra weight is well hidden in the tents and the result of the folds. This suggestion is very convenient, especially during the summer when you can sense the freedom to keep cold. Patialas are more common in women in northern India, but it's gained popularity across the country because they feel beautiful. Patiala Salwar (also known as guardian pattian pants) is a kind of trousers for women, which has its roots in Patiala city in northern Punjab state in India.

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King of Patiala, in a long period there was a real clothes Patiala pants. Patiala Salwar has a strong resemblance to the indictment, salwar Pathan similar mobile and sat on the knee high long experience in India. During the last decade of the dress worn by people today, but with a classic style and new women of Patiala pants down.

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