Friday, March 18, 2011

Women's Clothing Summer 2011 Alexi Freeman

The diamond Alexi Freeman Spring Summer 2010/2011 collection you start a kaleidoscopic journey through the modern wardrobe, like jewels sparkling brilliance comes from Phantasmagoria and print model. As you glance at the palette of soft pastel colors and monochromatic shades of gray, a table of random sophisticated, modern silhouettes are revealed. They are assisted by a versatile multi-functional color block minimalist sci-fi accessories.

Pixelated topic Print Diamond was the driving force behind this collection. Showcasing Freeman loves textiles, drawings carefully constructed geometric surface of a brilliant satins and silk jersey luxury throughout the region.

The story is a dream pastel palette nostalgic impression of the mint green, pink and champagne, remember the tones produced when the light is filtered through a diamond. Distilling the choreography of light and carbon, the history of pastel print evokes tranquility and ultimate platform to enjoy the blue sky and the sea runs green ocean. Shades of gray print the story goes back to reading the world as an urban camouflage perfect for maneuvering through the jungle of concrete and steel cosmopolitan.

Refer to the 1960 Pop, neo-cowboy, sci-fi heroines and a touch of rock 'n' roll, a sporty luxury feel is evoked by abnormal fabrications. Historically dress silhouettes are enhanced with basic functions and athletic sports are laced with a touch of luxury. The mercurial quality of silk jersey and mechanical stretch diamond mesh used in Greek robes, while the satin and silk crepe de chine cut in the adaptation of women wrinkled. The waxed cotton voile is reflected in the form of some appropriate measure gently, while changes of pleated mesh and are secured with adjustable safety belt to compliment the contours of the body. A biker jacket with butter soft leather adds a touch of androgyny and the charm of Paris, while the accessory glands contribute to the texture, movement and sense of craftsmanship.

This collection also sees the introduction of accessories for collaboration with jewelry designer Tessa Blazey. Under the banner of TBAF, pieces are handmade in sterling silver and brass with powder coating. Diamond saw also the third in a series of projects, art installations in collaboration with Aaron Roberts room11 architectural practice, research extrusions holographic diamond print in the heart of this collection.

Diamond is a perfect blend of sportiness with sophisticated combination of these disparate elements to create this collection, which does not limit the seasonal trends. Freeman references to the territory of prosaic fashion, from the point of departure to create his seemingly casual, sexy and instantly recognizable signature style Alexi Freeman.

Freeman valuable targets in vulgar fashion, which is an action-packed, and longevity in mind, the cuts design provide a wide range of women, shows his wide range of individual, business and industry throughout the world.material can boast the same?

Undoubtedly, every woman's wardrobe should have a smoking hot pair of leather pants. Take advantage of the current trend of skinny pants and invest in a great pair of leather. Since the skin acts like a second skin, they hug all the curves and show off your best assets. Just look at how great your favorite stars look leather pants? Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, and regularly hit the red carpet of colored leather pants on a thin flowing tunics or tops. This combination is particularly high in summer-time scene, lightweight materials and ropes to create an ethereal look that softens the look of leather pants smoking. Think of it like an angel and a devil of a lot!

In particular, the cowboy theme, which is sweeping Hollywood, top and leather jackets that feature from the fringe and Native Americans are edging back into style. Again, to avoid overloading the fashion fringe top, jacket, bag, boots and a skirt. Go classic cowgirl is a sweet leather jacket and denim skirt or play Taming of the population, and soon there fringe top and painted on jeans. Get ready to rope, ride, and steal your hearts! Keep in mind that there is a difference between kitsch and cool, so if you start to look more like a movie "Brokeback Mountain 2", you may need to review your wardrobe.

Just as there is access to the fashion with celebrities, red carpet has seen its share of strange. Who can forget Britney Spears biker chic gone bad "outfit she wore for the MTV Video Music Awards? Leather Mayor overload! Keep this in mind when assembling your team leather murderer. Avoid head to toe in leather.

An exception to this rule is a combination of leather, which quickly made its way back to the scene. appropriate layer to your look with a cap of different material and maintaining the subtle color of his suit. Nothing worse than leather of life scale in the street! Look for colors like aubergine, white, blue, and even if you're tired of the typical black and brown leather.

If you still wonder if you dare leather gift, consider buying first leather accessories. A leather version of the popular style Newsboy hat is perfect for a most impertinent to any wardrobe. Just look at the singer Alicia Keys sensation! Of course, he could go without a leather bag killer? supermodels fashion-conscious as Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and of course still Celebutante Paris Hilton is rarely without a leather bag in his hand. Remember that leather can easily make the leap between day and night, so invest a little more than a quality bag that will be suitable for any occasion.

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