Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Been Lip Care

We all think we always treat the body parts, and when we think of the body so that we can find a solution by the body. We are also very bothered to take care of our body parts, and the lips are one of them, mostly women always have to be careful with those lips. And they always manage to find a solution to his lips, and they always want to be beautiful and elegant, and they do a little 'different to enhance their beauty, their lips when they think carefully so that they too want a beautiful lips, soft and healthy. If your lips are dry lips paining so follow a few tips to enhance the beauty of your lips.

1. If you want to smooth the lips, use butter and cream lip on them so you can smooth and soft lips.

2. If you want a healthy mouth and beautiful, then you can take vitamin E every day so your lips can be healthy and soft.

3. If you find the natural treatment of your lips, if honey is one of the best things for the lips, apply honey on your lips every day and wash after a certain time and get beautiful lips healthy and smooth.

4. If you want to remove the darkness of your lip daily to rub lemon on your lips.

5. If you feel extremely painful dry your lips, do not pull your lips if you want to smooth the lips, use of pellets and pulp of sugar on your lips your lips to remove dry, you can have beautiful, healthy and sweet lips.

6. You want your lips smooth and soft, you'll need to drink plenty of water.

7. Many lip balms are available on the market, you buy the balms and applied on the lips.

8. If you want healthy, beautiful lips to apply heat butter on your lips for your lips that can be healthy and beautiful.

9. If you want to improve your lips so you will not have to use the lipstick cosmetics business during the winter season.

10. If you want your lips very sexy, beautiful, smooth and soft to use lip gloss.

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