Monday, January 17, 2011


Enjoy your nails healthy during the winter season by following some simple tips for nail care.

As the season affects the chemistry of your body as a whole, it also reflects the results on your skin, hair and nails. With the change of season and the coming winter, nail care is very important to have beautiful hands and nails healthy. nails strong and healthy, not only contribute to your good health, but also make your hands more delicate and beautiful.

In cold weather, we all need a special nail care products to maintain healthy nails, preventing them from chipping and breaking because of the fragility.

Tips for nail care:

There are some very important tips nail care to help you achieve healthy nails with hands glowing.

The most important tips nail care is the hydration factor. Before moisturizer for healthy nails, it is very important to protect your brittle nails, keep fingernails polished, either with the base or cream.

When it comes to moisturize nails, no need to buy a special moisturizer nail care nail healthy reached, however, you can get better results by following our tips for nail care, and use olive oil regularly cuticles. The use of these positive suggestions nail care, you will definitely get great results in your nails healthy.

Nutrition Tips for healthy nails

* Every part of our body is affected by what we eat. It is very important nutritional factors that can help in achieving vibrant health of the nails. Some tips on nail care and nutritional aspects are:

* Try to use vitamin A and calcium in your diet during winter, as it will cause dryness and brittleness.

* Our advice on nail care also suggest that you introduce more protein, vitamin C and folic acid in your diet for healthy nails, since the lack of these can cause jamming of the nails and white stripes the nails.

* For healthy nails always try to intake of vitamin B12 and zinc supplements through multivitamins to ensure a comprehensive approach to nail care, without white spots or darkening of nails.

* The most important advice for nail care is the rule of hydration. To achieve healthy nails, always try to drink plenty of fluids and water in winter so that your metabolism can improve and in this way you can prevent healthy nails irritate cuts and cracks.

Follow these simple tips for nail care and nail care tips a bit ', y

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