Monday, January 17, 2011


 The fastener. Its size and weight make a difference. A high percentage of Mexican women buy bras in a size larger or smaller than it is for them, I do not know your correct size. A bra should not just be as tight or too loose that their breasts are not real support. The straps should not be tightened to make the skin, so to lose and drop the shoulders.

* Cosmetics needed. In addition to bathing in cold or warm water, mild soap and not cut you bust, you must use a firming cream to keep the youth or the appearance of restoring the lost. An excellent choice is to use bust firming cream that contains the formula helps to maintain balance, harmony and bust, strengthens skin elasticity, which keeps, moisturize and restore the beauty of the breast and décolleté.

* Hydrate the body. Nothing like having a good habit of drinking at least 1 1 / 2 liters of raw water per day, because the liquid inside the hydrate your body and provides the necessary moisture to the skin of the chest to look young moist streak free.

* Constant motion. Motion helps delay the effect of gravity. Some of the best sports for the bust is swimming, tennis, golf, squash courts and gym with weights and all these exercises that help strengthen the muscles of the arms and upper torso or chest, like those conducted by the practice of Yoga, Pilates or dance.

* A healthy diet. Avoid sudden changes in weight, as this constant rise and fall is the worst punishment of your bust, because they have muscles that support early fall. Also to stretch the skin loses elasticity, and therefore prematurely ages more easily and streak free. Feeding a balanced and healthy environment helps to maintain the firmness of your breasts and give them a better look.

* Self-breast examination. Did you know that most tumors are detected by women themselves who are the victims? You can save your breasts and your life if you practice self-examination monthly, one week after your period starts is when your breasts are least tender. You should immediately go to your doctor if introspection to make the changes you find in your breasts such as lumps, changes color or texture of the skin, or appearance in general.

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