Tuesday, January 18, 2011


• Wear a bra.

• Keep an upright posture.

• Avoid carrying heavy weights.

• Keep the chest muscle by participating in breast electro-stimulation all sessions and swimming when you have extra time.

• Mass your breasts after each bath with a special cream that maintains and hydrates. Do not use harsh features which can traumatize the chest, but large, circular movements that respects the shape of breasts.

• Avoid hot baths, which can absorb the tissues and in particular the breast.

• For the more adventurous girls who try to complete a cold shower on your breasts for a minute.

• Do not use tight clothes that push the breasts.

• Do not sleep much in the belly.

• Diet during pregnancy or during the mass in the breast with almond oil.

• If breastfeeding, nursing bras always used day and night.

• When you play a sport that requires breast using a special bra that can be purchased at a store where you can find sporting goods.

• Avoid long exposure to sun, especially if you do not use cream of special protection;

• Avoid any major fluctuations in weight.

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