Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buying The Perfect Bra

When the favorite bra has lost its pressure, it's time to go shopping.

"But do not assume you're the same size you've always been. Children are losing or gaining weight, exercise can change your shape," said Patti Ficorilli, director of merchandising for form Maiden Inc.

Here's how to find the perfect bra:

• a woman of medium size you can use any style, but her breasts are fuller in the LAN (skip demi cups, or half-cups that do not provide adequate support).

• Belts must be comfortable, are designed to stabilize a bra, not all. If you dig your back, you need a different style, deeper into the cups.

• Make sure that the closure hook-and-eye is covered with cloth so as not to rub against the skin.

• Ensure correct mirror. If you run in the top or sides, try a larger cup size.

• Always try before you buy, even the same style in different color may be different because the dyes can harden tissue.

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