Saturday, January 22, 2011

Selection And Use Of The Right Lipsticks

Eye Make-up & lipstick go together. Use the one without the other side and look out of balance. pencil or brush the lips is almost essential if you want to show the form in the mouth. And it is a good outline of a strong color, a deep pink, plum or brick, and then frosted with a lighter shade. This technique gives a nice lighting effect. (See the opposite: the tawny brick outlines of the lips, a light-colored brick used for coloring them). As a general rule, rub satin with lipstick, but not himself Matt. And, to touch during the day to make lip gloss with you, it is a mistake to keep accumulating more and more lipstick.

If you're not really expert with makeup, this is not a good idea to start altering the shape of your lips by dabbing with the foundation and development of a new survey. The smartest thing is to use colors to create the illusion of a different form. This method takes less time and can be much more successful.

full lips:

Condense this format, select the clear, bright color. Always apply lip gloss before the line color. Glossy lipstick is applied does not appear in the dark and sheerer structure.

Approved Lips

Often, the lips do not match each other in size. The upper lip is thinner and smaller than the lowest. A color for the lips - just exaggerating this, it's a good idea to use two different colors, both in color spectrum itself, but a little deeper than others. Use darker shade on the upper lip.

Thin lips:

warm amber-colored brick are best for this form of the lips. lips thin outline with a deep tone, then fill with a lighter shade frosted.

In order to complete the lip liner,

Start Steadying hands. Prop your elbow is a toilet or allow the jaw to support the little finger.

Relax your mouth.

If you use a pencil or a brush, care lip contour of the first arch, then pull the corners with a straight line to connect and communicate with a straight line.

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