Saturday, January 29, 2011


physical but also the psychological aspect of women, most of these changes are for the better. Since the sudden change in hormonal environment raises many problems. Therefore, the care of the body after childbirth is so important.

First, think about numbers. Most go for a walk with your child. Active on foot to save you from extra calories, and the fresh air saturates the blood with oxygen to make you feel happy. Find a couple of minutes each day to shake the press. 3-6 to start the real estate boom, which is gradually increasing the load. The result was not so long. In a few weeks you will notice that the stomach may be the elasticity ex. Jump rope, turn the wheel, not leaning, squat, it's all going to benefit from your figure. Remove the consumption of foods high in calories, fat, fried, smoked. I prefer vegetables, fruits, yogurt. If you are breast-feeding, so this diet will benefit you and your child. In the daily care of the body, do not forget to mention the water treatment. Bathrooms contrast perfectly toned skin, making it more flexible. Several times a week use a body scrub, focusing particularly on the hips, abdomen and hips. Pound problem areas, hard sponge, apply anti-cellulite.

Many women during pregnancy seems pigmented spots on the body and face. Normally after birth, the problem is resolved in a few months. But if you want to get rid of quickly, you will need to mask the bleach fruits like lemon, currants, strawberries, or vegetables such as cucumber. Put the mask on for 15-20 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature. If your skin is dry - use a nourishing cream. And do not forget the liquid, drink at least 1.5 liters a day. Think of the hair, which is also in need of care during this time. Hormonal changes in young mothers body often lead to hair loss. This will help to solve the problem of complex treatment, such as vitamins, herbal extracts, masks.

Try to sleep well. Prolonged sleep beneficial effect on your physical and mental condition.

As you can see, the procedures for body care is not much time, but help restore youth and beauty.

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