Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work Your Lips To Look Your Best

Everyone loves the lips of Angelina Jolie. Do you want too? There is no doubt that women cut the lips of seduction and men too. red lips are so feminine and yet so tidy. Of course, you can choose if you do not want red lips. That is why the makeup of the lips here. Lips is fantastic when makeup is applied properly.

The skin, lips and eyes are a major concern for all who are about to apply makeup. Of these, I think the lips are the most important. Here are some tips that can help you find beautiful and juicy lips.

It is very important that you use should stick lipstick. There are several lipsticks wear long available, but in reality this is not too big of a problem. The lipstick can be applied lip balm to last longer. It also allows the lips to moisten them. Also be sure to use lip liner and must be a little darker than the tone of your lipstick. Start from the center out and apply. Stay as long as possible on the lips. Do not use the samples to be tested on your lips when you go shopping. They are very unhygienic. Instead of trying in their hands.

It 'also very important that the lipstick does not stick to teeth. Make sure this does not happen, you can put your finger in your mouth. This would be amazing lipstick out of fingers and teeth. Also you should never use blush as lipstick.

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