Tuesday, January 18, 2011


All parts of the body has its own meaning of beauty. In general, all women leave their feet. Bad legs to give a bad impression that the pea-cock. You can lose everything looks good is bad and dirty feet. It is therefore necessary to care and clean your feet than other parts, such as faces and hands.

The legs are the most neglected of the body. Whether you are a working woman or a house wife, you do not need time to pay attention to your heel cracks. For example, a pea-cock can not explain the importance of the feet. You know that the pea-cock, the more beautiful, but when it seems that his legs and then began to weep for their ugliness. Pea-cock is a shame, because it can not do anything to make it nice legs, but I'm not miserable like the pea-cock, because you can make very nice legs. So here we offer a very short process, lasting only 15 minutes, and feet soft and attractive. There is no need to go all expensive city living. All things that we intend to use the foot care are easily available at home.

• 1 cup milk

• 4 tablespoon of salt or sugar

• A half-cup of oil. You can use baby oil, almond, coconut or vegetable oil

• Pumice

• Step pad, readily available drug store

• Petroleum jelly or moisturizer

• Socks

• Shampoo

First step:

Take five cups of hot water and a cup of milk. Add a small amount of shampoo. Keep your feet on the solution for 5-10 minutes.

Second stage:

Mix 4 tablespoons of salt or sugar in the oil that is readily available at home. Now, scrub your house is ready. Rub it on your feet in circles, especially in the feet, where dead cells are found. This will soften the dead skin and remove with care. Use the pumice stone on your heels for a while.

Third step:

The night before bed, rub the foot pad increments. And 'composed of a material which has 2% salicylic acid that is effective in the legs. Spread a thick moisturizer for the feet. Do not remove the step from the beginning of the legs. You can also use Vaseline instead of moisturizer. Wear socks almost 4 hours per night.

Fish pedicures are the latest techniques used in the Washington area. Doctor fish is placed in a water tank and you are asked to keep their feet in this tank. These fish eat dead skin off your feet and you feel as the source. At first, people were afraid of him. But after suffering what they value this pedicure.

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